Turning off UAC



If i am the only user on my computer, but am still connected to the interet
etc, would it be easiest, and safe to turn off UAC. I find that for a number
of programs that i download or install, i am not always able to save them in
the program files folder!!!Does turning off UAC also get rid of all those pop
ups that appear whenever you are running something.



Turning off UAC in Windows Vista is not recommended for several reasons!

UAC is feature designed by Microsoft to prevent unauthorized changes to your
computer. Disabling this feature could allow a program that you didn't know
was even running to gain control, and begin making changes to your system.

You say you want to be able to have access to the Program Files folder for
some programs? If you want a program to have access to the Program Files
folder, that program must be run as an administrator. This will cause UAC to
promt you for permission with the popup permission box giving you the chance
to allow, or deny the access.

If you disable UAC on your computer, then windows may not be able to prompt
you for critical operations, and may simply deny you access. For all of these
reasons, disabling UAC is not recommended, and is unsafe. Disabling it is
also more trouble than it's worth... trust me on this.

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