Turned UAC back on & get errors @ logon


Jim Harm

,I have had UAC turned off for sometime now. So I decided to give it another
chance & turned it back on. After I loged in I got a ballon message down in
the notification area that said it couldn't log on with my profile & that it
was using a temp. profile.

Not to mention my desktop appearance was back to an initial Vista default.

Well,,, needless to say I turned UAC back off, restarted the system. Every
thing is all back as it should be.

So, how can I turn UAC back on. fix this problem, & make everything all
peachy, warm & fuzzy again :>)


Hi Jim Harm

Don't know if this is the issue .
You have to check, that your userprofile is set op as an administrator.
If it is the only user, it has to.
To check it, try this:
go to start>run
Write: "Control userpasswords2" without qoutation marks.

In the window opened, you check the box "users must use username...." if it
isn't allready, then
mark the user, go to "Proberties" then "GroupMembership" and make sure your
user is checked as administrator.

I have no idea, why it should behave like you describe, I tried to turn UAC
on with no problems. But maybe...

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