TZMOVE.EXE does nothing to Calendar Appointments between 3-11 and



Running TZmove on our calendar appointments in the DST change period has no
effect. Here's the process performed:

1. On the exchange server installed all security updates including KB931836
and Exchange KB926666
2. At the workstation (XP) installed KB931836.
3. At the workstation verified that .NET20 and security fixes.
4. Installed TZMOVE and tzmove2007-kb933146-fullfile-x86-glb.exe at the
5. Workstation is running Outlook 2002

Now running TZ move at this workstation, reports that "No appointment or
meeting items were found that need to be moved to the new time zone." Hever
all appointments in these calendars are still 1 hr earlier. Furthermore,
re-ocrring appts that fall within this period (but not entirely within this
period) are 1hr later. Re-occurring appoints that fall entirely within this
period are also 1 hr earlier. So much for updates.... Any ideas?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

what time zone did you choose to move them to? you need the one marked with


Thanks for the timely response.. We've tried to run the tool twice; once
with "Update to reflect changes to the windows time zone", and "Move
appointments created in the original time zone to my new time zone: [GMT -6]
Central Time (US and Canada) (Updated)" In either case it counts up the
calendar items and then states "No appointment, meetings or reminders were
found that need to be moved to the new time zone."



I'm having the same issue. Most meeting wen to the correct time after installing MS patches on servers on user machines. A few recurring meetings are still off by an hour. When we ran the tzmove on the user machine it reported that no meeting needed to be updated.

Joe - .NET Developer Portal of Choice


OK so after 2 days I got a call from the Exchange Team at Microsoft (I was
promised a 4 hr callback). Anyway, they told me the proper procedure is to:

1. Install KB931836 on the servers and on the workstations
2. Apply KB911829 and KB924334 to the exchange server
3. Then run TZMOVE/Calendar update tool
4. Once all mailboxes/public folders are complete, only then install KB926666

Now if you've followed the procedures documented on Microsoft's web site and
applied KB926666 before running tzmove nothing will happen. So here's what
you need to do:
1. Uninstall the KB926666 from the exchange server
2. Patch the calendars with tzmove. In my case I am trying to run the
calendar update tool msextmz.exe, removing of the KB926666 and installation
of KB911829 and KB924334 told me that the system could not extract time zone
information from each mailbox. It errors with Error 0x80004005. I've
a. To add the line ReadCalendarTimeZones=1 to the MsExtmz.ini file
b. Forcible grant the admin account full permissions to every mailbox
using the
GrantMailboxPermissions.vbs utility. First off the admin already
has this right
set throught the exchange admin console. Secondly the script
doesn't work
as it tells me there is no mailbox associated with each
This same issue has occured in multiple domains with multiple different
servers. It appears that we should only use the TZMOVE tool and forget the
calendar update tool.
3. Reapply KB926666 once all calendars are patched.

FINALLY, I received a note from microsoft that in some cases removal of the
KB926666 patch could damage the .NET 2 environment on the server. In some
instances the could be extremely bad.

I guess the best bet is to just patch the servers and have all users ajust
their calendar items. As it appears that Microsoft again does not appear to
have their act together and the tools really do not work.

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