FWT Newsletter - Weekly - November 3, 2003



"FWT Newsletter - Weekly" - November 3, 2003

In this e-mail we provide you with the lastest freeware added to
Freeware World Team - http://www.all4you.dk/FreewareWorld/ - in the
last 7 days. Enjoy all of the gratis programs!

* 3D Shadow

Tired of boring looking text or numbers in your graphics works? Want to
improve the looks of your designs, but don't have the time or abilities to
do it yourself? Then you will definitely like Lokas Software free 3D
Shadow plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, Jasc PaintShopPro
and other so [...]

* Account Pro

for DOS (and Windows 3.1, 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP) away for free
Accounting/finance planning program, multi-currency, multi-system
(British/American and European) and multi-lingual (English, German,
French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch and Swedish)
As we all know, DOS has reached the end of its us [...]

* AdDestroyer

Stop Annoying Popups and Banner Ads, Block Porn Sites or any site you want,
Surf Faster and more efficiently
AdDestroyer works by adding these sites (IP Address) to your Host file as
a local site. This causes the blocked sites to display as not being found.
This effectively stops multiple popups fr [...]

* Advanced SMTP Server

Advanced SMTP Server is a free SMTP server program for Windows that lets
you send email messages directly from your computer. Along with a mass
mailer the program can be used as a relay server for sending newsletters,
distributing messages to different mailing lists, sending notifications to
your cu [...]

* AeroMerge

AeroMerge is a small, simple utility design for speedy and easy usage. The
basic concept behind it is to merge together multiple text files into a
single Using the program couldn't be any easier; simply browse to your
files using Windows, select all of the files that you want to combine and
drag the [...]

* Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver

The Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver is an educational slide-show created to
present the prehistoric Alpine Rock Art. It contains 57 slides of the most
important sites (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria). 18 general maps
have been added for a large overview of the Alpine area.
Alpine Rock Art Screen [...]

* AnkerCAD

AnkerCAD is a freeware program for building virtual models with bricks
('AnkerSteine').With AnkerCAD you can save your models, or save pictures
of them (.bmp, .jpg), even reuse a complete model as a part in another

Everything can be controlled with the mouse, but it's also possible to use

* Asphalis

Asphalis is a new Cryptographic tool that uses private/public key mecanism
based on braid group protocol. Asphalis is made to encrypt and sign any
file and also provide a public key Manager with expiration date feature, a
full & secure deletion function (DOD 5220.22M norm) and a random password
gene [...]

* Audio Cassette Case Inlay Printer

This program prints a small sheet suitable for placing inside an audio
cassette case. Provides editing and saving of tape contents and title.


The BASIC IDE is a new, RAD (Rapid Application Development) IDE (Integrated
Development Environment) for the RapidQ programming language. The IDE
currently has rich project options, a form designer (similar to Delphi's),
and code editor. The BASIC IDE is being coded in Borland Delphi. We are
current [...]

* BeatNik Internet Clock

A very cool clock that supports 'skins'. It can synchronize your computer's
clock with the atomic clock. It displays 12-hour, 24-hour, or internet
time. Multi lingual, sound, and skin addons available.

Screenshot (JF)

* BePing

BePing is the ultimate ping utility. It combines a simple, easy to pick up
interface with functionality that allows the user to get more through
MultiPing, Whois Lookup and Trace Route technologies.
BePing is designed to cope with the needs of both network administrators
and home users. Its popular [...]

* BlueDream Visual Freeware Programming Language

BlueDream is main project name base on mostly Yunus migrated to Delphi7. It
is freeware and open source. Simple IDE (Integrated Development
Environment) will make Delphi programmers feel like they are at home. (JF)

* BMP to JPG Converter

No need to say too much here... This is a simple .BMP to .JPG converter.
Start it up, select one or more .BMP's and then click 'Convert', simple as
that! (JL)

* Burrrn

Burrrn is a little tool for burrrning audio CDs with CD-Text from various
audio files. Supported formats are: wav, mp3, mpc, ogg, aac, ape, flac,
m3u and pls playlists and cue sheets. You can also burrrn EAC's
noncompliant image + cue sheets! Burrrn can read all types of tags from
all these formats [...]

* Cacheman

You don't need to purchase expensive computer memory in order to speed up
your PC - download Cacheman instead! The Cacheman utility is designed to
improve the performance of your computer by optimizing the disk cache,
memory and a number of other settings. Cacheman prevents frequent paging
to the ha [...]

* CHIPSpeaking & CHIPSpeech

CHIPSpeaking stands for: Conversational Help for Individuals with Problems
CHIPSpeaking is a software product that is FREE for anyone, so long as no
commercial purpose is served and no fee is charged for it's use. The
program starts out with a gray text entry screen. This will change white

* ChorderNote

This is a quick notebook for anyone that plays guitar and wants to add
chord notations (not graphs) to lyrics. You can choose Chord Pro with or
without spaces or just normal chords and insert. You can edit existing
lyrics, create new ones, and print the results or save to file. Cute and

S [...]

* Click-Down

Click-Down 3.0 is the latest in the family of Click-Down, inheriting all of
the useful features from previous versions and improving them.

Click-Down is a small tool that sits in your system tray (next to the
clock in Windows) and offers a useful set of options for closing or
restarting Windows. [...]

* Clipboard Copy

This software is a simple utility to save the text placed on the Windows
clipboard to a text file. The user interface is simple, but very
There are several options that allow you to save the data in various ways,
sound a beep when text has been saved, and a few other options.
Featur [...]

* Clipboard Typist

an utility for Microsoft Windows 95/98, 2000 or NT to paste the text from
clipboard even if the program does not support this feature. Useful tool
for MS DOS window, Java applications, some Terminal emulators, etc.
To install:
- Start Cbt.exe program and click Ok button - it works under backgrou [...]

* ClipCrypt

This is an encryption program that will take text data from the clipboard
and encrypt/decrypt it. You can save the contents as a file or paste it
into an application. ClipCrypt can be set to automatically encrypt/decrypt
data on copying to clipboard. You can also open several types of file and
encry [...]

* Clipper

Clipper is an easy-to-use screen capture utility which saves your
screenshots automatically in JPEG, GIF, PNG or Windows Bitmap format.
Using Clipper is easy - just open Clipper, choose the image format and to
take a screenshot, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Clipper
will save the [...]

* ClrMamePro

lrMamePro is a so called ROM-manager. If you use M.A.M.E. you know the
problem. With every new release a lot has been changed. New gamesets have
been added, some have been removed, etc. ClrMamePro helps you to keep your
ROM collection up-to-date.
Here is a small list of what ClrMamePro can do:


* Comparator

A Free Alternative to the Microsoft Briefcase
Keeping track of files and protecting them from loss or damage is a never
ending chore for any active PC user. Here is a simple utility that will
take some of the insecurity and the tedium out of finding, deleting and
copying over duplicate or version [...]

* Compass Light

Compass has been a popular and powerful bookmark manager utility program
since its first release in January, 1997. It supports three most popular
browsers - Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, and also any generic
browsers specified by the OS. What makes Compass unique is the power of
handling the h [...]

* CompoChess

CompoChess is a chess database based on pgn, which is very easy to use.
Originatingly it was the demo program for the Delphi chess components (see
Fischer-Random-Chess is supported.
A simple playing function and an interface to some Winboard engines are

For instance, it can [...]

* CookieCooker

CookieCooker is a tool that enables you to protect your behavior and your
interests from being spied on on the internet. CookieCooker changes the
cookies set by web servers on the own home computer to falsify the user
profiles collected by the web servers. Especially CookieCooker contains an
identit [...]

* Cooking Aficionado

Cooking Aficionado is simply recipe management software for your personal
recipe collection. It is packaged with only the most useful features (at
least in my opinion) and easy to figure out, unlike those other programs
you may or may not have tried. A clean interface matched with ease of use
makes [...]

* Create shortcut

CreateShortcut is a program that makes it possible to create shortcuts to
programs from a command prompt or a bat/cmd file. To be of any use to
anyone who writes bat/cmd files CreateShortcut gives back a returncode.
You can use this returncode by using ERRORLEVEL in the bat/cmd file. Table
1 shows t [...]

* cURL

Curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax,
Curl supports HTTPS certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading,
kerberos, HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password
authentication, file tra [...]

* Cute PDF Printer

Create PDF documents easy and fast, from any Windows application.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for the secure and
reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms
around the world. CutePDF Printer is the free PDF creation software.
CutePDF Printer [...]

* Daily Bible Reading

A little program to help you read the Bible. Now with the choice to read it
all in one year (the program has a set reading for each day) or to read
until finished (the program bookmarks where you left off). (JF)

* DB Login Form

DBLoginForm replaces the standard Delphi login form, and also stores the
last used login username for next login. The component will appear on your
component palette with the following icon: . And can easily be dropped
into any project using the TDataBase component. (LT)

* DBTool

DBTool is a simple JAVA application to access ORACLE and MySQL Databases.
It's possible to enter and execute SQL-Statements. After executing the
statements the results are listed in a formated grid. There is a command
history for up to 100 commands. The result grid can be saved as plain text
file. [...]

* DefragMentor Lite

FREE utility for defragmenting files with just a couple of mouse clicks in
Windows Explorer. Unlike DefragMentor Lite CL, this product implements a
friendly user interface and contains a boot-time component, which allows
defragmenting system files (for instance - registry and paging files) that
sign [...]

* Deleted File Analysis Utility Freeware

Deleted an important file? Find out what accidentally deleted files you can
get back. This freeware can directly view your hard drive partition and
list all deleted files that have not yet been completely overwritten. Runs
on Windows NT®, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. (JF)

* Delphi String Processor

Object Pascal / Delphi string processor. The program process source
code and/or DFM and declare all strings as variables or constants or
creates INI file.

Create Constant/Variable declarations.
Create INI file with string variables.
Process Borland DFM files

* DesignWorkshop Lite

DesignWorkshop Lite provides all you need to build your own 3D models for
home design and visualization of architecture, landscapes, exhibits, or
any kind of spatial design. You can view and walk-through ready-made
models of any size, like the free 3D building models in the Great
Buildings Online, i [...]

* Diet Watch Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet lets you set a personal goal in the number of calories
that you want to take in daily. It also let's you set your target
percentages for protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake. It comes with a
small sample library of foods. But you can enter your own very easily.
Note: Requires Mic [...]

* Differential

Differential is an application, which provides users with the following
- Comparing two directories and putting the difference into another
- Comparing two directories and putting the difference into one big file -
- Creation of DIT file which contains all the infor [...]

* DIMIN HOTKEYS plugin for winamp

Definitive solution for hotkeys with Winamp.

Completely configurable, system wide hotkeys preconfigured for
Logitech Internet Keyboards.
Accept WM_APPCOMMAND so winamp may use common system drivers for
special (multimedia) keyboards like some other software: Windows Media
player, Window [...]

* DirtBike Library

A database for dirt biking, but useable for recipess' database, too. For
using recipe database see the source website (LT)

* DisplaySwitch Platinum

DisplaySwitch Platinum is a small tool that sits in the system tray (next
to the Windows clock). Its purpose is simple, but very powerful: to
provide a shortcut to changing your resolution, colour depth and refresh
rate from one simple menu.
With DisplaySwitch Platinum, you can quickly find out whi [...]

* Downhill Santa

In order to become the best Downhill Santa player in the world you only
need to follow two basic rules:

Don't hit any trees. Trees hurt, and in this game you'll encounter lots of
them on your way. Don't say I haven't warned ya! Santa won't survive a
collision so you've got to be very, very, very [...]

* eCarrot4eMule

What is it ?
- eCarrot4eMule is a screen saver, it runs eMule every time you don't
use your computer.

What is it for ?
- eCarrot4eMule utilizes idle time of your computer to download music
and movies from the Internet. By running eCarrot4eMule you also help
other users of file sharing net [...]

* emailStripper

emailStripper is a free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting
characters out of your emails. It will restore "forwarded" or "replied"
emails back to their original state so they're easier to read. (JL)

* Ephemeris

Ephemeris is a program that lets you enter a date and a location and then
computes the time and azimuth (compass bearing) or sunrise, sunset,
moonrise and moonset. In addition, it displays a schematic representation
of the phase of the moon and its % illumination. It can also generate a
table listin [...]

* Europe!

for 23 bit Windows versions
Take a trip to Europe! Package of arcade style European geography games
including countries, capitals, major exports and geographical features.
How well do you know the geography of modern Europe? Have fun and learn at
the same time! Bon Voyage!

* Eval calculator

Eval is a combined scientific/programmer's calculator with a novel method
for entering formulas. If works equally well via keyboard or stylus, and
includes three different skins (see above). For details, please see the
help file.
runs under Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP .
There's also a [...]


EVWM is a replacement shell for Windows NT 4 and Windows 95/98.
A shell is a program that provides ways for the user to start programs and
to manage them (switch between them, close them, etc.). (LT)

* Favorites to HTML

Convert Explorer Favorites to Dynamic HTML Document
This one's for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It will convert your
Favorites directory into an HTML document which you can give to others or
use as a start page.

* FBSL script language

What is FBSL ?
FBSL is my Free Basic Script Language :)
FBSL was inspired from the Batch (.BAT) script language established within
Microsoft Windows Operating System.
+ FBSL 'weights' only 15 Kb !

[+] FBSL was entirely written in BCX ( a Free BASIC to C converter by
Kevin Diggins ) ).
[+] FBS [...]

* fbsl visual

Visual FBSL Isalys
Complement on FBSL script language (French/English)
It's a 'visual method' to work with FBSL.
New options forms with some ide options and compiler options like the
possibility to choose between standalone executable or tiny exe with dll
(smaller exe).

Waiting for object sup [...]

* fix 'em

After you install a lot of programs into your start menu, ever notice that
it gets out of order? this simple utility, with the click of a button,
restores them to their alphabetical order. (JF)

* Font Foundry

We understand that type remains an integral part of design, that's why we
have one of the largest collections of freeware and shareware fonts
available. The Font Foundry provides high quality type by skilled
designers, including insights into the background of typography and
elements of design. We a [...]

* Free Christmas Screen Saver

The Free Christmas Screen Saver displays 80 magnificent Christmas themed
images accompanied by 20 minutes of beautiful, cd-quality Christmas

The perfect Christmas Screen Saver to get you into the Christmas Spirit!

* Free Colors of Autumn Screen Saver

The Free Colors of Autumn Screen Saver displays 60 beautiful and colorful
images of the Autumn Season. Now you can see and experience its beauty
right on your computer! You're sure to "fall" in love with this one!
This free autumn screensaver also features three beautiful, full-length,
CD-quality [...]

* Free SMTP Server

Free SMTP Server is a SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send
email messages directly from your computer. It's very simple but very
useful for laptop users traveling around the world and connecting their
PCs to different Internet Service Providers in different countries. You
can use it in [...]

* FreeKeno

FreeKeno is an auto program for Keno @ Pogo.com. It works on Windows
When you click on "Start Playing", FreeKeno starts looking for your Keno
game on the screen and as soon as it is found, FreeKeno starts clicking
whichever button you want: Quick Bet or ReBet. And if you don't lik [...]

* GIF Vault

Over 7,500 32x32 GIF images (mostly 16 col) all categorized and ready to
put in a web page. All images are set with a transparent background and
are mostly around 500 bytes in size. An easy install setup has been
included and when installed will load the various pages into your browser.
These images [...]

* GraficSizer

This is simple little program that enables you to see the effects of
resizing a graphic as you do it. There are many programs that will resize
a graphic for you but using this program wil enable you to see clearly
what damage may occur or what it may look like at a different size. You
will see that [...]

* GrafixCat

Ever wondered just how many graphic files there are on your system? You
might be surprised when you run GrafixCat! I was! Graphic files
proliferate your system without any real effort on your part. I was
astounded to find out I had over 50,000 of them so decided to write a
program to help me sort t [...]

* GroceryBoy

Groceryboy is a new program that I am developing for the average user that
allows you to Store your Recipes, Coupons and much more and quickly
generate shopping lists from any Recipe. You can use the meals options to
plan your future meals and generate a shopping list of items that you will
need to [...]

* GutenBerg

Converts the carriage-returns to the Windows format within any plain-text
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP (CB)

* HDCopy

With HDCopy you can make an identical copy of a hard drive onto another
hard drive. If you buy a new hard drive and don't wish to change your
Windows configuration in any way, you can use HDCopy to copy your old hard
drive completely to the new one (hidden files as well).
The installation package h [...]

* Hello

Share pictures like you're sitting side-by-side. Hello is a new way to look
at pictures with friends and family. When you use Hello, you get to see
your photographs together with your friends online. You don't have to wait
for huge email attachments to download or upload your pictures to a public
we [...]

* Hex Code Helper

Have you ever started to design a fresh website and suddenly got stuck on
what color to use? Or on what color would match? Or even worse, not have a
clue what the hex code for that color is? Then let me assure you, Hex Code
Helper is the program for you.

Hex Code Helper is just what its name sug [...]

* HorrorWeen

Horrorween, the game that will make you shiver at first and then makes you
want to score as many points as possible by shooting the scary creatures
to score highest on the internet highscore list!
It's the DGDev Team's first product, written on their amazing Basilisk
engine! In short a game you sho [...]

* HTML Picture

HTML Picture is freeware application that converts any JPEG or BMP file to

* html2pdf

html2pdf is supposed to be a "complier" to "complie" HTML documents to PDF
documents (Portable Document Format, from Adobe). Since pdf is really
portable, and its syntax isn't too hard to learn, and HTML is my favourite
markup language, I choose them.
In this stage of development, all versions are [...]


The HTML Programmer's Extension, htmlPX, is a simple command-line program
that can be used to build websites from template files. The template files
and other, auxilliary files, are combined by htmlPX to produce HTML files
that can be uploaded to a website.
htmlPX is designed to allow someone who [...]

* IBEasy+

IBEasy+ is a freeware which can be used by beginners as well as by
specialists. It allows the easy design and use of relational databases.
This software contains:
An integrated help module for database design which deals with all the
stages necessary to build an "optimal" database

- Analysing [...]

* Icy Tower

Harold the Homeboy and his friends has decided to climb a huge tower they
found the other day. It's up to you to help them get as high as possible
without falling down, and collect extra score by doing cool moves on the
Icy Tower is a fun and short, yet addictive DirectX (7+) game where your
o [...]


INICIO is a freeware desktop utility made as a Web page (Html and
Javascript) and runs with the Internet Explorer browser as a
stand-alone application (HTA), at any screen resolution. It does not
need special installation (only to copy the files), but is simple to
use and represents a small load [...]

* InstallSpy

This is not spyware, but a program to help you discover spyware! Track any
and all changes to the registry and file system, and also record all shell
notification events (e.g. media inserted), when a program is installed,
uninstalled, or run. This can warn you of programs trying to install new
servi [...]


JAP makes it possible to surf the internet anonymously and
Without Anonymization, every computer in the internet communicates
using a traceable Address. That means:

the website visited,
the internet service provider (ISP),
and any eavesdropper on the internet connecti [...]

* Jigsaw Puzzle Lite

Find a minute. Solve a puzzle. Whenever you're boiling at work - solve a
puzzle, it'll relieve the stress. Whenever you're bored at home - solve a
puzzle, it'll entertain you for sure. Whenever you can't wait for your
airplane to start landing, solve a puzzle - you'll wish your flight to get
longer. [...]

* Joffa's adventure

Joffa is a classic jump and run game written in Delphi 5, using the DelphiX
components. (LT)

* jStrip Lite

jStrip Lite removes unneeded portions of JPEG files. Because the compressed
image data is not modified, there is no image quality loss. Smaller JPEG
files mean less bandwidth used for webmasters, and less hard drive space
required for everyone.

Removes Photoshop thumbnails
Removes M [...]

* Laser Kombat

Laser Kombat is a challenging puzzle game for Windows. Driving a tank
through each level, your objective is to destroy all enemy tanks. You
accomplish this mission by firing your laser and manipulating the wide
variety of objects in your environment. You can vaporize enemies with
nuclear bombs, make [...]

* LiteStep Installer

LiteStep Installer makes installing the most popular Windows shell
replacement easy work.
And here's a fairly comprehensive list of the installer's features:

aesthetically pleasing and professional installer interface

carefully developed over a period of years to offer the safest
installa [...]

* Little Install Builder

There are a lot of setup applications available, but I found that their
code may add more than 250KB to the total size of the final setup
application, and because most of my applications are not much bigger than
100KB, I decided to write my own installation builder.

The application does not have [...]

* Lore's Source to HTML Converter

Platform Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
Lore's Source to HTML Converter is a free software tool that converts
source code into syntax-highlighted HTML. Actually C/C++, Java and Delphi
are supported. The key features are:
- pre- and user defined syntax highlighting styles
- optimized output: successive [...]

* MailChess

A multi-featured program which works under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
and supports correspondence chess through e-mail.
It is a complete integration of chess database and mailbox.
MailChess has many functions. Here are a few:

Creating tournaments and cross tables
Use of preferred "pro [...]

* MailList Controller

MailList Controller is an email mailing list and marketing solution
designed to send out personalized messages, manage multiple mailing lists,
newsletters, campaigns, e-zines, announcements, support and group mails.
MailList Controller runs on any Windows 98/ME/2000/XP machine, all you
need is acces [...]

* Mass Rename

Mass Rename is a small but useful utility for renaming large numbers of
files. It is most useful for renaming groups of related files that have
random or otherwise poorly written filenames. You can append prefix
numbers to aid with sorting, remove and replace underscores, spaces, and
dashes, and app [...]

* Matroska Playback Pack

Matroska Playback Pack is a necessary filter to play the new audio/video
container files matroska. (JL)

* MioEngine

MioEngine allows you to open .mio files.
Supported plateforms Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, XP tablet PC Edition

* MKVtoolnix

MKVtoolnix is the main tool to produce matroska
audio/video files, the new open standard in video production and DVD

There are now binaries for Windows available. Download version 0.7.2. If
you don't have the mkvtoolnix runtime DLLs, then you'll have to download
those as well - but they [...]

* ModelPress Publisher

ModelPress Publisher compresses 3D CAD models by 70% - 98%, making sending
and accessing 3D files efficient. Add Visual RightsT and encryption for
extra security - all for free! (JF)

* ModelPress Viewer

ModelPress Viewer is a simple way to control and share model content with
users who don't have access to the original 3D application. It's easily
distributable, simple to use, and free. (JF)

* Mosaic

Mosaic makes your photos look as if they were created out of a mosaic tile.
Photo-realistic depth and variable tile size and color options give this
effect an infinite number of looks.


Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in
Stand alone version of DreamSuite Mosaic
Profess [...]

* MouseWriter

Draw symbols with the mouse and execute actions anywhere in Windows. Fully

Symbols: Anything you like, from a simple line to an elaborate kanji. A
large set of standard symbols are included.

Actions: Launch applications, simulate keystrokes,
control windows (minimize/maximize/al [...]

* MP3Detective

Local MP3 Search Engine and List Maker
A powerful program, with a simple user interface, which you keep on your
desktop for easy access, which allows you to search all your music folders
or drives for MP3 music with specified text within their names. Simply
click the results names to play the son [...]

* MultiError Pro

MultiError Pro is a professional message manager utility for making and
managing every kind of messages. For example reminders, notifications,
fake or prank errors and messages, alarms. It's also a very good
timeplanner and timer. This program is not only meant for office or home
users, but also fo [...]

* Multiple IP Setup

IP Setup, is a small and easy to use tool for setting up multiple IP's on
your windows 95 or 98 machine. IP Setup is freeware. (LT)


18-September-2000 size: 1036kb
myDBF 3 is a small database program that can handle DBase IV files.
FEATURES: Form designer, HTML template based reports, integral syntax
highlighted HTML editor, zoomable print preview, integral HTML 3.2 viewer,
table designer, smart filter, mail merge. INCLUDED: jan [...]


9-September-2000 size: 969kb
myMDB is a client for Microsoft Jet Databases (*.mdb) and requires the
free MDAC 2.1 components from Microsoft. Features: auto-form, form
designer, html-reports with print preview, integral html-viewer, integral
syntax highlighted SQL and HTML editor, integral SQL tutor [...]

* MyType

Store your frequently used data, such as logins, passwords, web addresses
etc. in an handy list that pops up whenever you need it and types it out
for you. FREE!
It provides you with a list of commonly used text items, such as your
name, email, address etc. Instead of having to type these in every [...]

* Online - Crecon.com

Free Instant Online Banner Creator (JL)

* PalettePad

PalettePad is an ideal tool for any serious web developer, graphics artist
or software programmer. If you find yourself constantly taking
screenshots, launching a bulky graphics application and zooming in to find
the red, green and blue intensities of a particular point on the screen,
PalettePad cou [...]

* PC Hell

Everyone has been to PC Hell at one time or another. It's that place you
visit when your personal computer is driving you insane with problems,
glitches, and so on. To try to soothe the frustration, we'll provide some
tips, hints, and troubleshooting remedies to help you get out of PC Hell.
Be warne [...]

* PGN to JS

If your webpage contains chess games, any visitor should be able to
replay the moves.
The tool "PGN to JS" converts games from PGN-files to complete
HTML-pages with diagrams and replayable moves by means of JavaScript.
JavaScript 1.1 is supported by most modern browsers.
See the screenhots for [...]

* PhoneTray

PhoneTray uses your modem to identify the callers before you answer the
phone. You must subscribe to the caller id service from your phone company
and have a CallerID capable modem.
PhoneTray shows a balloon with the caller's name and number. The program
also announces incoming calls using text-to- [...]

* PNC2 Rule Induction System

Platform Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
The PNC2 Rule Induction System is a free machine learning software tool,
that automatically induces rules from your data using the newly invented
PNC2 Cluster Algorithm. An integrated parameter tuning component allows an
easy adjustment of the algorithm's behaviour t [...]

* Pop-Up Light Edition

Pop-Up menu creator is a DHTML Menu creation program that allows webmasters
to add to their pages an easy to use and very impressing navigational
menu. It creates impressive DHTML menus with a WYSIWYG user interface.
Creating your own menu and installing it on your page is an extremely easy
task; t [...]

* POPLaunch

Have you ever wanted your program menu to be where you find it most
convenient to have it? Not in the systray or by punching your way through
the Start button or on a docking bar etc etc but right where you are
working. POPLaunch is the answer. What is it? It's a skinable program
launcher. Based on [...]

* PowerBullet

Free Flash software to create business presentations, multimedia,
slide-shows, educational documents or any sort of animated web production
in the Flash format. A simple, free alternative to Powerpoint or Flash
Powerbullet is an easy-to-use, versatile tool for creating eye-catching
presentation [...]

* Quick Info

Quick Info is a simple little utility that provides you with quick and
simple access to your Microsoft WindowsT Product Key.
It was built due to our realising just how many people lose or do not
receive, the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) that comes with Windows.

* QuickSD

QuickSD is small utility. It allows you to control different system events
with one click of a mouse: Logoff, Shutdown, Reboot, Fast restart,
Open/Close CD, Turn Off monitor, Start screensaver. It shows a lot of
statistical information: CPU usage, Memory usage, Virtual Memory usage,
Swap File usage, [...]

* Radon Disk Manager

Radon Disk Manager is a small application that allows you to monitor your
hard disk space from your system tray. Its very simple and is designed for
people wanting a fast professional looking application to monitor their
disk usage on small workstations to large servers with many hard disks.

* Recipe Database

We've added this recipe program that comes with a database . Search, Add,
Modify, Delete, Update and Print. Comes with a few hundred recipes
installed. And it's Free!!!!!! Email us and we can give you the URL to
several thousand recipes in text form so you wont have to click several
thousand times o [...]

* Recipe Right!

The worlds' easiest recipe software just got easier! If you bought a
computer " so I can simply keep track of my recipes!" this is the recipe
program designed for you. With Recipe Right! you can:
- Store an unlimited number of recipes
- Make your own categories to organize them
- Schedule recipes [...]

* Recipes

A software simple and useful for manage your recipes of cooking. You create
a collection of recipes and you search easily a recipe for print or you
create your own cookery book (page title, table of recipes, index). You
can see the software, how to use and to download on the website of the
author. [...]

* RegCool

RegCool tool has an Explorer-like interface. On the left is a tree-like
hierarchy containing the registry keys. In the right window one can see
the individual values of the keys. There is a Boolean search for finding
specific keys and values. The search results are listed for your review.
Especially [...]

* Remote Registry

Remote registry is a program that can insert a .reg file into the registry
of any computer in your network. You can use it in two ways, either as a
command line utility or as a application with a GUI.
- Command line: RemReg [targetcomputer] regfile
If you don't specify a computer the program ass [...]

* RolloverButton

The TJamRollOverButton component gives a Delphi programmer an easy to use
button which
change its look when the mouse is over it. A RollOverComponent supports
different images and labels for 3 states, mouse over, not over and
TJamRollOverButton is a ancestor of TCustomPanel. Furthermo [...]

* ScriptMaker

The one disadvantage of Inno Setup is that you need to create a fairly
complex script from which the compiler will work. ScriptMaker makes it
easy for you to create these scripts. The Inno Setup/ScriptMaker
combination gives you an installation program at least as good as those
you pay over $100 for [...]

* Sentence Builder

Based on an idea by Fiona Hover in the UK and with additional input from
Geoff Cook in Australia. This program is a simple tool to help with
sentence construction. There are a few sample sentence files included with
the program and there is a facility to add your own. Basically the player
chooses a [...]

* Size-O-Matic

Great web sites function at any screen resolution, from 640x480 to
1600x1200 pixels. If your site doesn't scale well, you may lose traffic.
Unfortunately, it's time consuming to continually change your screen
properties to check your design. Fortunately, there is Size-O-Matic.
Size-O-Matic makes it [...]

* SmartTranslate

SmartTranslator helps you translating a delphi project to other languages.
the first step, it collects all strings in the pascal code and delphi
and stores them in a database. After all strings are translated, which can
done inside SmartTranslator, it can replace all strings of the o [...]

* Star Trek Fonts

Every font that I could find is in this zip file. 41 fonts in all. (VJ)

* Stone's Webwriter

Stone's WebWriter is an award winning Danish no-nonsense HTML editor.
Easy-to-use dialogues, right-click editing, code completion and syntax
high-ligthing, so you can get started without knowing HTML.
WebWriter is for the professional as well as the beginner who wants full
control and insight. Comp [...]

* SwiffRec

SwiffRec voice-to-Flash recorder. An easy way to put a Play button with
compressed sound into your web page. If you want to talk (or sing for that
matter) directly to your customers, here's a simple and FREE way to do
It records from your PC microphone and converts it into a mini Flash
movie, c [...]

* System Crash Monitor

The System Crash Monitor attempts to reduce the number of times Windows
crashes. Of course, it fails miserably, but not before giving the user a
laugh. This new version includes a comprehensive help file.
Note: This program is a joke! Please note that this file does not do any
damage to your syste [...]

* Tactical Database

The Tactical Database contains about 3500 positions which were primarily
taken from actual played games. Each of the tactical combinations was
either played on the board in an actual match or could have been played as
a different variation.
The aim here was to order the problems based upon on their [...]

* Texture Editor

The Texture Editor is a powerful tool to generate procedural quadratic
textures. You can use them for your stunning 3D scenes, demos, games etc.,
wherever textures are needed. Use the Texture Editor to create:

color texture maps
bump maps
specular / diffuse maps
reflection / refraction map [...]

* The Core Media Player

See how flexible and intuitive our player interfaces are. We make it
easy to discover the joys of using many cutting edge audio and video
formats without sacrificing easy of use or performance in a media

This is no ordinary Playlist! T [...]

* The Despambulator

I wrote this because I wanted something simple to sort out all the crap
mail I get every day! There are a number of similar programs around, some
very similar, many doing much more than this. I have tried programs that
check sender details or bounce back unwanted mail but I believe all that
does is [...]

* The Function Pointer Tutorials

Complete introduction to C and C++ Function Pointers, Callbacks and
Functors. (LT)

* The Jokebook

This is something that I put together over a couple of years and if
printed, is the size of a decent sized book. It contains jokes of ALL
descriptions covering just about every topic possible. if you enjoy
laughing at the human species then this is just for you. This is in html
(web) format and has [...]

* The Revenge Pack

The Revenge Pack is a freeware All-in-one prank program. When installed on
a computer, it runs hidden, and stays resident in memory. The Revenge Pack
runs 18 "classic" built-in pranks, plus 4 customizable pranks and can also
run 5 more add-on pranks. You can enable any prank you'd like when
configur [...]

* The Revenge Pack

The Revenge Pack is a freeware All-in-one prank program. When installed on
a computer, it runs hidden, and stays resident in memory. The Revenge Pack
runs 18 "classic" built-in pranks, plus 4 customizable pranks and can also
run 5 more add-on pranks. You can enable any prank you'd like when
configur [...]

* Touch

Touches files with the current system time or with a specified date and
time. This means that it sets the Created, Modified and Accessed timestamp
on a file to whatever specified on the command line. If no arguments are
given then it uses the current time.
Usage: Touch [/d yyyy mm dd] [/t hh mm ss [...]

* TrackerV3

TrackerV3 is an Advanced File System Explorer targeting everybody who is
looking for a real alternative to the Windows Explorer.


* VDT Safe

This program wants to be an aid in preserving your eyes at work (or simply
browsing the Web) in front of the computer monitor. It runs in background,
and after a predetermined time (chosen by you freely or among a few
options) it remembers you to get a pause far from the screen. NOTE: it is
NOT a si [...]

* Virtual Edit Lite

Virtual Edit is a semi-professional video editor aimed at ambitious content
creators to video novices who want to produce material with a slick and
professional look, on a limited budget. Virtual Edit has been written by
experts with experience in the Television and Broadcasting industries,
which ha [...]

* VirtualDubMod

VirtualDubMod is a unification of several popular modifications of the
famous video editing software VirtualDub by Avery Lee. It started out
as a unification of three projects, VirtualDubMPeg2, VirtualDubOGM and
VirtualDubAVS. But since then a lot of new features have been
introduced. Among them [...]

* Weldur

Weldur is a stand-alone Splittur Extractor. It can extract
non-self-extracting and self-extracting packages made with the current
version of Splittur and all the previous versions. Weldur has only one
advantage over Splittur Extractor: the ability to extract ZIP files
without automatic unpacking [...]

* WinDiz

Do you have tons of zip files from previous downloads but can't remember
what's in them? Most files contain a file_id.diz file , readme.txt or some
sort of text that has an overview of the software. You could open each
individual, but that can be a boring and tedious task. WinDiz let's [...]

* Windows Favourites Search

This is a simple search program to help search your bookmarks (favorites)
in Internet Explorer. (VJ)

* Windows Make-Up

Windows Make-Up strives to improve windows USABILITY by enanching its
If you are wondering how this can be possible ask yourself:
"What does Windows95 to be more usable than Win3.1 ?"
The answer is evident, yet not-so-obvious:
"It offers a better GUI"
And it cannot be more than this! [...]

* Windows Tetris

Windows Tetris is a good old Tetris game running in a window. It has
some extensions, such as the ability to customize brick width and
height, bricks per line and bricks per column number and glass
background color. Also you can use two figure sets: classic and
extended (with some unusual ones : [...]

* WinM8(L)

Formerly Classic Clipboard
WinM8(L) is the simplest of all multi-clipboard programs. You can either,
visually watch your clips appear in WinM8 as you cut or copy and then
paste them back just by clicking on them, or, you can work entirely from
the keyboard. Just cut or copy in the normal way up to [...]

* WinSnake

WinSnake is a nibbles clone created by ZoE from Gringo Productions.
Although there are enough nibble clones out there this is kind of
different. The most important thing is that WinSnake is configurable. That
means that you are able to make custom mazes and provide them to others.
Of course this is [...]

* WireNote

This program was created to help in organization of daily work with such
features as ToDo/Reminders and sticky notes service along with address
book and LAN messenger. The kernel of the program is easy-to-use
tree-structured data holder. Such data tree allows you to easily
categorize all necessary i [...]

* XmEdiL

XmEdiL is free document editor for XML and other languages.
The primary use of XmEdiL is to quickly and easily author XML documents
and XML related projects. XmEdiL contains everything you need to write,
process, and debug XML documents. XmEdiL provide well-formedness check,
validation and transfor [...]

* Year Planner

Still using that Fileofax. This may be just the thing for you. This program
prints a single sheet Year Planner, which when trimmed and folded, fits
neatly inside that old Fileofax. The 12 month plan can start at any month,
useful for the academic year.
The output will also scale to match the size a [...]

* Zzzbla's Batch MP3 Tagger

I like my MP3 collection clean and tidy. That's why I used to sit hours
changing each downloaded file's ID3 tags, renaming it, creating playlists.
I figured that when I update a whole album, only the track title changes
and the rest of the data (artist, album name, year, etc.) is the same for
all th [...]

* Zzzbla's CD Catalog

Zzzbla's CD Catalog creates a catalog of your audio and data CDs by
scanning your CD files and folders or using Gracenote's CDDB service. You
can then browse your CDs and search for files, folders and audio tracks
without inserting any CD to your computer.
After finding the desired item, you can ru [...]

* Zzzbla's Flasher

Brainwave stimulators use light and sometimes sound, in order to induce
your brainwaves and change the brainwaves frequency. Doing that, by
neuroscientists and others(people who want money), may change your mood,
improve memory, imagination - your mental state. Some claim they even get
into a sort o [...]

* Zzzbla's Hide WinX

This program is meant to help people who want to make certain applications
in Windows disappear, when they don't want other people to see them while
they're loaded, etc.
It only works on Windows 95/98/ME. It does not work on Windows NT/2K/XP,
If you don't think you can handle it, you probably [...]

* Zzzbla's TreePad

Zzzbla's TreePad is a sophisticated note pad that features a dynamic
hierarchical set of pages and a richtext editor capable of changing text
styles, colors, bullets, indentation and more.
Zzzbla's TreePad is great for quick copy & paste operations, saving a bank
of frequently used source code snip [...]


Roger Spencelayh

* ScriptMaker

The one disadvantage of Inno Setup is that you need to create a fairly
complex script from which the compiler will work. ScriptMaker makes it
easy for you to create these scripts. The Inno Setup/ScriptMaker
combination gives you an installation program at least as good as those
you pay over $100 for [...]


Why do you keep listing this as an updated piece of software? This software
is to help creating scripts for Inno Setup version 2, and can't have been
updated in over 2 years. Scriptmaker doesn't work with Inno Setup versions 3
or 4, and there are alternatives available. Try ISTool at:


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