turning off Windows Defender

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I have Macfee & have tried the solution found on the
but it didn't work. I DID do the computer administator, but it didn't say
how to get from the end of one line (after the "disabled") to the next line
without pressing ENTER and using the arrow key did not work. I tried
entering the command on a single line but this didn't work either. I tried
using ENTER between the lines but this didn't work & separated the 2 lines
completely. I can neither access nor delete Wdefender funtil I deal with the

Bill Sanderson

These instructions look correct and precise to me. You DO need to hit enter
at the end of each line starting with SC.

If you get an error message after hitting enter on one or both of the two
lines, check your syntax carefully, or, better yet, cut and paste from the
document you reference to the command prompt--yes--this is possible.

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