defender definition update



I have had Windows Defender on my computer for a while. I've been able to
update the definitions until about last week.
I get the Ox80240022 error message, but I can't find what to do now, though.

I did read that turning off one's firewall might be helpful, but that didn't
work. (I did turn it back on.)


Bill Sanderson MVP

I would go to Windows or Microsoft update on your system do an express scan,
and see whether that takes care of it.

You might also, even before you do that, just re-open Windows Defender and
see if the definitions have come in. A number of definition-update related
errors involve problems when several updates are happening at the same time.
It's worth checking first to see whether this was the issue, because if it
is, time will cure it.


Thanks for this info. I did go to windows update and did an express scan and
found that there were 12 updates recommended. I tried to download those, and
none of them would download. Couldn't find out why. I went to some report,
and it said to click on the symbol by failed, but nothing happend.

I've re-opened Windows Defender for days, and it's always the same thing.
By the little "fort" or whatever the symbol is on my taskbar, there's a
yellow circle with an exclamation point in it, which I think is telling me I
need to update.

If you can be of any more help, I'd appreciate it! Thanks, ms

Bill Sanderson MVP

OK - that's a step forward. A reference for that error number simply says
it means that "all updates failed" (duh!)

There was a time during beta2 when this error was fixed by downloading an
optional Root Certificates update on Windows 2000 machines. However, that
should be irrelevant now, because there should no longer be (many) Windows
2000 machines running Windows Defender.

I'm not getting anywhere fast looking into this, and I suspect you'll be
better off with folks who know WindowsUpdate better than I do.

They will probably want to see an excerpt from the WindowsUpdate.log file on
your system.

Here's how to provide that--in fact, you might just provide it when you
first post.

1) Open Windows Defender and go to Help, Check for updates. Note the time
on the clock when that check begins, and wait until it completes or the
error message comes up. Then:

Click on Start, Run, and put in:

notepad %windir%\windowsupdate.log

This may be a very large file, depending on how often you check for updates.
Scroll all the way to the end of the file, then scroll back up to the time
that you noted when you did the check for updates. Delete all the lines
ABOVE that point--i.e. just leave the stuff in that is related to that last
update attempt--the tail end of the file. Then highlight and copy and paste
that bit to a post in this forum:

If you want, you could also post it here, and I'd be glad to take a look at
it, but the folks over there will know far more about the update process
than I do.



Hello ms,

Try, Dial-a-Fix a Fix

Run this program with all the functions activated.
Scroll down about 2/3 of the way to Download Dial-a-fix
Direct download: Dial-a-fix v0.60.0.24 (2006-10-27)
File type: .zip archive, containing Dial-a-fix.exe and secedit.exe (for
Repair permissions purposes)
Size: 335,992 bytes
MD5sum: 2c23c77cc3ec0ce7206e66d48e7adfae

I suppose, If that doesn't do the trick, you can restore even earlier
settings in Windows XP by using System Restore.

Choose the point about week and a half ago, just before the problem start.

This should restore your PC back the way it was, at that time and date.

Then, go to Windows Update, select Express (Get high-priority updates), and
apply all offered updates

Best of luck to you.

Let us know how it works ºut.


Bill Sanderson MVP

Dial-a-fix is definately a good possiblity for fixing this issue. I decided
not to post it, because I wasn't sure whether ms (who shares initials with
my mother, my son, and my daughter fwiw!) would be comfortable with that
kind of third party mechanism.



Hi Bill,

Do you think without DAF, using the previous restore point, ruling out any
malware, is possible to bring back that PC to a normal stage?

Bill Sanderson MVP

Perhaps. If indeed all was well at a specific point in time that you can
recall, and you have a restore point from that time. I don't have any
direct experience to go by, but it seems possible.


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