Microsoft Defender Final Release Download Hangs



Have tried repeatedly to download. Download gets to around 3.96MB and hangs.
Thought it was a server capacity issue at MS. All three systems (2 XP Home
and 1 XP Pro) have the same issue. NAV 2006 on Home, NAV 2007 on Home and
Avast on Pro. Windows Defender Beta 2 on all three. Spybot S&D on the NAV
2007 machine but not running realtime only immunization. Have downloaded
other programs and files from MS and other sites since with no issue but
Defender final doesn't like to complete save to disk. Tried to update with
online install with no joy. DL'd yesterday at work with no issues. Am
concerned that if I burn it to disk and bring it home, definition update
might not work. Have cleared all internet temp files and attempted several
downloads but it always hangs between 3.92 and 4.12 MB. Shut down Defender
realtime but didn't make a difference. Anyone have any ideas.
The best that I been able to acheive on any of the three PCs is 4.19MB using
the MS site. This is bizarre since I have never had any issues (other than
temporary)with downloads at MS or elsewhere. I remembered that the MS
download site made me install a Windows advantage activeX component after i
clicked on the "validation required" before it would give me the "download"
button for MS Defender. I have regularly installed the "advantage" activeX
updates required previously with no issues. All MS XP copies are legit so
this should not be an issue.


Try with CCleaner and or HDCleaner for a more thorough cleaning.

Ccleaner -

Note, When you install Ccleaner, uncheck the Yahoo toolbar option.
Note, in Options, Advanced, uncheck - Only delete files in Windows folders
older than 48 hours.
Note: uncheck Windows Defender in the applications.
Do a scan with all the check marks on.
Open Ccleaner and press "Windows" "Aplications" and Run Cleaner from the
menu choose 'Issues' and then press scan for issues, Repair any fºund.
Run twice Ccleaner, the same as above,until you get “0 bytes to be removedâ€.
Read Review at MajorGeeks

Have you tried going to Windows Update and checking for available updates?

Whatever you do, (installing and updateting or unistalling) always as a
This is the key!
The installation as an admin is not enough.
You needed to login as an Adm!n!stratºr.

Can you gº to Windows Update, select Express (Get high-priority updates),
and apply all offered updªtes

Once that is finished, can you verify the update installs? There are many
pre-requisite files which are needed from windows update and signature update
with windows defender will fail until you hªve these f!les.

Does AutoUpdate work on your system?

Also test this WGA diagnose test, connection to MS, that scripts working and
a new Validation tool

Install Windows Installer 3.1 v2 (3.1.4000.2435) is availªble here:

Locate your file msi.dll (with search if you are
not sure where it's located) and confirm what the version is, either from
it's properties or just passing your cursor over it. If it's not the
latest which is 3.1.4000.2435, then:

I'd recommend re-downloading, and saving to a known location--like the

After the download is complete, disable real-time protection by your
antivirus for long enough to do the installation. please disable or turn off
as much other software that always runs as you can--real time antivirus
scanning, any other antispyware software, (Stop all programs that are open in
the bottom taskbar) etc.

For the benefit of the community reading this post, please rate the pºst.

I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.


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