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I have 2 questions regarding the BCM 2007.

Is possible to link a "Closed Won" opportunity to a business project. This
business project is the result that prospect originated, and thus, it might
be usefull to to keep all the history of the opportunity linked to the new
history? The idea is that the history of the business project links to the
past history of the opportunity.

The second question is about the lists that we have to choose the links.
When i create a project task, i'll link it (for example) to a business
project. Is that possible that the closed business projects doesn't appear in
the selection list? Otherwise, we will have a huge list with all the
"registered" business projects, even when they are already closed.

Looking forward for your support.


Lon Orenstein


There is not a way to link an Opportunity to a Project. Your best method is
to link everything to the Contact (and maybe link that to an Account) and
that way everything is in one place -- the Contact.

For the second question, I would customize a View in Business Projects that
filters out the closed Projects so they don't appear. Then, you can right
click on the project, choose Create, New Project Task for Project, and that
will automatically link. It's fewer clicks than starting with a blank task
and then drilling down to find the project you want to link to.


Lon Orenstein
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I've got to admit this is something I find very strange. Can anyone explain
to me why we can't or wouldn't want to not only link but CREATE a project
from a closed won opportunity. It has so much information which is valuable
to the project!

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