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OK, here's the deal...
I have created several Business Projects in BCM2007, and have linked them to
specific Business Accounts.

Because I do projects for multiple companies, when I access the list of
Business Projects - I would like to see the company to which they are linked.

The logical thing to do would be to add the "Company" field to the columns
of the list - which I did - but the column is blank... no Company name is

So I go back into the Project - to see where the Company name is shown - but
there is no field for Company name in the Business Project screen.

Nor are there fields for "Contacts" or "Requested By" - both of which are
column choices in the Business Projects list page.

So... my questions are these:
1) WHERE does the "Company" column selection pull from in the Business
Projects form?
2) How can I get that column to populate in the Business Projects list?
3) Or am I completely on drugs and looking at this wrong?


Hao Zhou (MSFT)

Did you find an answer to this?  I'm in the same boat!!


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Unfortunately, you have to look at it in a different light. Just like
a Project has its own name, and does not take the name of the linked
Account or Contact, these fields are concerning the Project itself,
and not its linked Account or Contact. BCM does not automatically
pull information from the linked Account or Contact and populate its
own fields with it. If you want to assign values to these fields, you
would first have to customize the Project form (on the ribbon of
Project forms), and add these fields to one of the pages. Now that
they show up, you will have to manually enter, for example, the
Company name of each project.

I hope that helps.

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