Business Contact detail linked to an Account




I have linked my Business Contact to an Account. The Account record holds
the company name and address details. When I link the Business Contact from
the Address record, the Company and Address fields are NOT automatically
populated from the Account, as I would have expected. This means that when
running a Marketing Campaign/Mail Merge for the Business Contact, there is no
address or company name shown.

How am I meant to add the company name and address detail to the Business



Lozzaw, I also expected an option to populate the contact with address
I'm not sure of what you mean by "link the Business Contact from the Address

What I do from inside the contact record is use the 'Account' button just
below contact name to create the link and then double click on the company
name from within the contact record - up comes the account and I then copy
and paste the address into the address box and check formatting by clicking
the button to the left.

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