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Robert T.

We have a lot of open, on-going projects. Is there a way to tie a projected
revenue amount to Open Business Projects to help prioritize them like is done
for Open Opportunities? I would not call these opportunities because,
technically, we already won the job and are now just invoicing on a periodic
basis for work complete until the project is finished.

On a simalar note, is there a way to convert an Open Oportunity into an Open
Business Project?

Lon Orenstein


You could look at Microsoft Office Accounting that integrates with BCM. It
doesn't integrate with Projects like it does Accounts and Opportunities, but
you may find some way of seeing the revenue to date stored in the Account
and that might be helpful. Or, add a field to the Project record that shows
"Billed Revenue to Date" and update it manually from your Accounting system.
You could then sort/filter on that field and display it in custom views.

And No, there's not a way to convert an Opp into a Project... sigh...


Lon Orenstein
pinpointtools, llc
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Author of Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager For Dummies
Author of the eBook: Moving from ACT! to Business Contact Manager

Robert T.


Thanks for the response. Actually, we are moving to MOA. However, it's not
the revenue to date that I'm interested in as far as "Open Business Projects"
go. It's the projected/estimated revenue to come. "Open Opportunities"
helps me to focus my attention in the right direction up to the point of
closing the sale. We design and build custom machines and fix existing
machines. So, unlike a retail sale that basically ends at the sale, our work
is just beginning. Also, a good portion of our sales are time and material.
"Open Business Projects" would be a great way to help us focus on what needs
to get done based on revenue if it had that functionality.

I'm sure I'll be learning a lot in the months to come. We were using ACT
and Peachtree. The support was terrible. Plus, BCM and MOA integrate with
all the other Office programs so much better. And, it's cheaper.

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