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Frank Situmorang


I have the workseet summary which layout is like below:

Job. amount:
--- ----------
A 1000
B. 2000

Currently, the way we prepare the summary is to open workbook A and copy
paste to A, and we take the amount 1000 from Cell lets say C2, we do the same
for Job B.

All the workbooks have the same cell address as the source of the above

My question is how can we make macro, without openning it and do like what
we want in the summary.

All the workbook/excell files are in folder:C:\projects\*
Name of the file varying as per name of the job, for example job A, is in

Thanks for any idea

Frank Situmorang

Thanks mark for your response. One fo the VBA that I need to understand:

ShName = "Sheet1" '<---- Change
Set Rng = Range("A1,D5:E5,Z10") '<---- Change

How if I wan to set that the range is not the continues range, but it is to
take the content of the certain cells which is vertically this:


The content of those cells are formula, but I want to copy it a sheet to
combine from all invidual Jpb workbook.

Thanks in advance

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