Turn off the Phishing feature



Within Outlook I have to separate users with 2 separate profiles.

On one of the profiles email with HTML links comes through fine, the other
profile displays a message at the top of the email that states "This might be
a phishing message and is potentially unsafe. Links and other functionality
have been disabled. Click here to enable functionality (Not

Once I click here the email displays fine. I can also go into outlook junk
email options and select to enable links. After I do that everything comes
through fine. I've also made sure within my trusted sites the domain is
trusted with all options enabled. I have made sure the email domain is
white-listed in outlook and on the Exchange.

My real question is this the 2 profiles are basically identical that I can
tell but on one profile we get the html phishing message the other profile
displays emails fine. Where are these settings coming from? How can I turn
them off globally?

Thanks for the feedback.


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