Tsadmin&Task Manager Hang


Halil Demirhan

This is the situation.
We have about 11 servers running Windows 2000 server and
running Advanced server.

Most of the 9 servers are running remote admin terminal
3 are running in application mode.
The Advanced server is running in application mode.

most servers are running SP4 with the latest hot fixes
(as of 10/27/04)

When the server is first switched on it works fine.
After a while trying to bring up Task Manager fails, and
trying to run Terminal services manager also fails.

Taskmanager - it looks like it minimised, in other words
it's a small graph next to the clock on the taskbar.
clicking on it make no differance, changing the screen
rez make no differance (as in it's not been used under a
high screen rez and now being used on a lower one and is
now of the screen). When you come to log off a
message appears saying that "taskman.exe" is not
responding and would i like to end the task!

Terminal Server Manager - it first seems to run ie the
window appears. it looks ok on the left hand side of the
window (showing the local machine name IE "TSRV1" .
However on the right hand side the box is a kind of grey
colour with the words "Terminal Services Manager is
currently gathering information about this server".
Then it seems to just hang.. and again when i log out i
get the message about terminal serverice manager is not
responding.. end task etc..

Rebooting the box seem's to solve this for a while then
its broken again....

I have had a look around the net but i've not found
anything close to this problem..

Can anyone help..??




Vera Noest [MVP]

Logged in as yourself, go to this registry key:

HKCU\\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server

Delete the "Placement" value and exit Regedit.

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