TSAdmin & Task Manager do not respond



Approximately 2 months after install W2KSP4 on our TS machine (Application Mode, upon starting TSAdmin, the program simply does not respond. In the left pane it shows the domains and in the right pane it says:" Terminal Services Manager is currently gathering information about the servers." The program goes no further. It hangs. I then start Task Manager to kill the process but Task Manager quickly starts and disappears to the Task Bar. I am not able to open the Task Manager. I then decie to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and start the Task Manger but it does the same thing. It disappears to the Task Bar and is no longer accessible

Rebooting the server does not help. I've had to install a Remote Task Manager application so I can kill the previous TASKMGR processes

any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss! I've seen TechNet Article 837060 but my situation doesn't meet all of the criteria
Feb 15, 2010
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the same problem

Hi , i have the same probolem, with a server with w2003 server. the server do not shut down i have to power off it.

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