TS printing with ip printers



I have a Win2K TS Server in applications mode. I am
having problems with clients connecting to the server and
not being able to print to their local printers. The
issue I am having is in the site office, they have
printers that are all connected to HP jetdirect print
servers(printing to an IP). Is there a way to configure
the "IP" printer to connect to TS Servers automatically?


Matthew Harris[MVP]

Are the clients connected to these IP printers, and then
they logon to terminal services and the IP printers aren't
being mapped properly? Are there any eventlog messages in
the server's eventlog that would indicate a problem?



Thanks for your reply,
I have not checked. So, from your notes, should ip-mapped
printer be automatically connect to TS Server, as long as
the server has the printer drivers?


Matthew Harris [MVP]

Yes. If the client has the printer mapped, then that
printer should be redirected when in the terminal servics
session. And yes, if the terminal server doesn't have the
drivers for this particular printer, then you should see
eventlog messages describing that.


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