TS and romaing profile


Martin H

Hi, Im having a TS w2k3.
Most of my clients have WinXp on their computer and roaming profile.
Is it a BAD idea to have the same roaming profile when they run TS?
Some of my clients have problem when Im running this - for exampel diffault
printer changes and the security settings in IE.
What is the best solluiton?
Please let my know what you think!

Vera Noest [MVP]

Yes, using the same roaming profile for their workstation logon and
their TS logon is normally not a good idea, for the reasons you have
mentioned. Define a TS specific roaming profile in their account
setup to avoid this kind of problems.

Greg Candido

Why when I specifiy the path in TS Profile it get ignored and load my
default profile?

Vera Noest [MVP]

Assuming you run 2003 TS, check if this helps:

829109 - Terminal Server Profile Path Is Ignored If the User Who
Is Logging On Does Not Have Query Information Permissions on the
RDP-TCP Connection

833409 - The roaming profile is not loaded after the user uses
Terminal Services to log on to Windows Server 2003

Phone Microsoft Support to get these hotfixes. If you ask for a
specific hotfix and don't ask other support questions during the
call, it won't cost you any money and you'll get it within

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