trying to upgrade to XP from Win 2000



Issue 1: I purchased Win XP professional (OEM version,
with a Seagate HD) to upgrade from Win 2000 professional,
but installation disk says upgrade not possible. What is
best way to upgrade from Win 2000? (can you tell I am not
a techie?)

Issue 2: Should I upgrade on old HD, then ghost to new
drive, or start with fresh install of XP on new drive. If
I start with fresh install, I have to re-install all my
apps. I would prefer to avoid this difficulty.

thanks in advance.


Emmers Presson [MSFT]

This error message may occur if the Windows XP Professional CD-ROM that you
are using to upgrade is designed to upgrade only an OEM version of Microsoft
Windows 2000 Professional.

Contact the OEM that supplied the Windows XP Professional CD-ROM to obtain
an upgrade CD-ROM that can upgrade Windows 2000 Professional.

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