Windows XP Try to read works files without works

Mar 25, 2012
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Hi all,
I have suffered a laptop loss recently. It had installed a trial version of ms works and I had written some texts there, saved as wps files.
Luckily I saved my data before the laptop to crash.
I read them now in an older desktop pc, having installed an expired version of ms word (office 2003).
Both systems had and have xp home sp3.
I downloaded the ms converter and am able to see the works files with word, but cannot edit them, copy them or anything, without to purchase office 2003 which I do not want to, perhaps I cannot, too.
I also downloaded open office and can see all my word files, edit them, copy, them, save them etc, all but the works files which can be seen in expired ms word but they cannot be opened in open office.
Any doable suggestions?
Should I uninstall trial version of office 2003, install a trial version of recent office so that to save my works files somehow and then edit them in open office?
Can I keep my actual word files if I uninstall trial version of office 2003?
Will they be visible with newer office trial version?
Or should I download a free trial of ms works? This pc never had this program downloaded, perhaps it would be easier that way?
Any advise very much appreciated.


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