Trouble authenticating through the VPN



I have a single laptop user, running Windows XP SP2, Outlook 2003, etc.
While in the office, he is able to log in and access all systems normally
(Outlook/Exchange, Microsoft CRM, etc).

When he goes home, he logs into his workstation using cached credentials.
He then connects to the network via VPN (PPTP). After connecting, he
receives the Windows Offline Message and tell him the server is available for
reconnect. Clicking the Synchronzie button does not make the message
disappear. Furthermore, Outlook prompts him for a password. If I try to
browse to OWA or the CRM Web client while connected to the VPN, I receive a
Page Cannot Be displayed.

When the user inputs the password when prompted, he is able to connect to
Outlook. If he maps a drive to a server share, the windows oflfine prompt
goes away. If I take the internal sites out of the trusted sites zone in IE
and then try accessing them, the user is prompted to enter his password at
which point the program starts working.

Its obviously some kind of password challenge issue, but I dont know how to
resolve it. I've already had him try changing his password; I've even reset
his password on the domain controller itself Lastly, I was able to get all
the prompts to go away, but if he reboots his machine again, we're right back
to where we started again with all these issues. Let me also note that I
have other users with the exact same machine/image who connect via the vpn
frequenty and do not experience these problems.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. As he is a VPN user most of the time,
having all these issues is unacceptable



Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

Sounds like name resolution issue. Can he ping Exchange server by name? or
this search results may help.

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setup correctly or the VPN client can't receive the VPN DNS and WINS
settings, ... - Similar pages

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the VPN Server remotely, I cannot browse the network, and see other
computers and ...

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