Trouble Adding Static IP Address



I have seen this same behavior on two different IBM servers now and I am

I set the IP address to a static address via the Network Connections GUI.
Click ok and everything closes. When you open it back up it shows that it is
configured for DHCP. When checking ipconfig, it has the correct IP address.

When I check the status via netsh it shows it is set to dhcp. So I change
the info via netsh. When checking the status via netsh it shows it is
static. When viewing via GUI it still shows it is set to DHCP.

Why is this? Does it pull this from the registry or where does it get this

This is with a broadcom NIC and I have seen many people with this same issue
and the fix is usually upgrading the NIC driver.



Meinolf Weber

Hello bryan,

So you give the answer yourself, NIC driver problem.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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