Tray-selection for IPP-printers


Michael Nastvogel

My question is concerning IPP-printing on Windows XP Professional systems.

How is it possible to select a specific type of media tray for an IPP
printing job (to switch between the papersizes in 'ISO a4 tray' and 'ISO a5
tray' for example)?

Are there any special IPP-attributes which I must address in order to
achieve a different tray selection? As far as I know Windows XP only
implements the IPP 1.0 standard.

I'm using a java-based client to connect via IPP to Windows XP and I'm
already able to print documents on the default tray.

Thanks in advance


It's been a bit, but, as I remember, you can switch trays, but have no
direct way to specify a tray with particuliar contents.
This used to drive us nuts, since different working units had different
ideas of what should be in which tray on a given day.

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