IPP over Windows 2003 can't install printers



I have a Windows 2003 enterprise where there are 4 printers correctly enabled
and sharing. I follow the very easy guide to install ipp and IIS. When a
browse http:<myserver>/printers everithing is fine, the auth is correct and
the display of printers is correct to. Is a select one, and try to conect,
again i can auth, but a seconds later is displayed a message of error:

Printer Installation Failed

The driver files are not available for the current CPU platform. Please
contact your administrator to install proper driver files on the server.

I have in server drivers for Win2k3 and XP. I'm trying to install printer in

Some to recomend me?



My problem is solved.

My HD has 2 partitions (c and d), in D: I activate Quota and manage that
administrator has ilimited quota.... but no in C:....

In C I don't need quota, I disabled it and problem solved.


"Alonso T" escribió:

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