Move Internet Printing off "Default Web Site" does not allow printer install - access denied



I have IIS6 on 2003 server running with IPP. If I have the "Default
Web Site" running on Port 80 - all works fine and client can "Connect"
to that printer to install drivers. If I setup the virtual folder on
a new intranet site (so you see the Printers Virtual folder under
c:\inetpub\wwwsites\intranet1\) running on port 80 (thus changing the
default web site to port 8080), from the client - you try to "Connect"
to the printer, it starts to install the driver but then says it
failed - access denied. Security on the intranet IIS config is the
same (anonymous).

Also, when I try to now install the printer on the default web site
over 8080 - same failure happens. So it appears IPP only can attach
to the "Default Web Site" over port 80 - but is there a way to change
this to move it elsewhere?


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