Sharing IPP printers on server 2003



I am looking into the feasability of staging IPP print queues. I want
to be able to have branch office printers set up on branch office print
servers that are shared out as IPP printers accross the WAN. I then
would like to be able to manage queues centrally for those printers on
a server in the datacentre and allow central applications to print to
those queues.
This would allow the traffic accross the WAN (some of which is public
network) to be limited to http.

This scenario is possible with LPR however I would like to shift over
to IPP. However as the following old post that I found (with no
replies) illustrates Windows does not seem to support this..

My questions are..
1. Is this possible in a Windows 2003 world
2. If not, Why is this not possible?
2. Are there any IPP implementations that could do this

Many thanks


Old Post:

I want to share a IPP printer, but I cannot find that protocol when
using "add a local printer".

However, if I first add a NETWORK printer using the URL
http://myserver/printername, then I can access it.

BUT, as a Network printer, I cannot share it. It says that it's not

Okay, now I try again for the Local printer, and the printer port
"http://myserver/printername" now appears in the local ports lists.
I try to add a printer driver to that one, and it seem to work okay.
But, I can still not share it!

When trying to share, I get the error:
Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed.

Anybody have a clue of I can make it work?
The printer URL http://myserver is a Cups server.

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