"Access Denied" connecting using IPP



I have Internet Printing (IPP) setup on my Windows 2003 Enterprise Server. I
have the standard .../Printers share created in IIS, and configure the share
to use https and basic authentication. One printer on the server is shared.

When I connect from another machine (Win2K), I naturally enter my user name
and password, which represent administrator credentials on the other machine.
The printer is visible and I can examine the properties.

When I click connect, I respond yes to the prompt, and then receive the
Access Denied message. I have double-checked the permissions where the
printer is installed. I can not detect the source of the Access Denied

If you have an idea as to the solution, I would appreciate it.



I am having the same problem installing a printer though the webserver using
ipp through iis on win 2000 server. I see the printers..click on one..
click connect... answer yes.. and receive access denied.
Tried local admin , and domain admin from a machine on the inside network
and remote, with both anonymous access and all auth methods, but all get
access denied
any thoughts would be helpful


To fix the access denied error message I was getting I changed the default
website port from 8080 to 80(default). My 3rd party email server was using 80
for webmail, which is why I used 8080 to begin with. Hopefully this will
help someone else.....

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