printer trays



Hi All,

I use a special paper size in a macro (Win XP, XL2003) with these (and some
else) commands:

With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.PaperSize = 126
End With

It works fine changing the actual paper tray of the printer (HP LaserJet
1320nw) to tray 2. After finishing the print job I'd like to reset paper tray
to the default automatic tray selection setting also from VBA.

I can't do that neither from VBA nor via Control panel/Printers setting. In
the latter case the new setting is displayed (I tried automatic selection an
1st tray as well), but it has no effect on the printer, it prints to tray 2,
I have to switch it off and on again to restore the original default setting.

Any idea on doing this automatically?



If the first command works, it would be logical that using a different value
would change it back.

My inclination is that the first command isn't changing the tray.

Most suggest configuring separate print drivers for the printer, each
configured to use a different tray, then just change the printdriver

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