Cannot print to a specific tray from Word2007


Ian Rowley

We have new HP LaserJet M2727nf with three trays. PC is Windows XP SP3 with
Office 2007 & IE7 already installed.

The default printer settings are to Automatically select a tray/paper and
this works from all applications.

If we manually change the printer from within an application to print to
tray 3 then this also works for all applications except Word 2007 - it will
print to tray 2. Excel, Powerpoint, Notepad, IE, etc, etc will all print to
tray 3 if asked to do so. Word 2007 will not.

This would suggest the issue is with Word - is there any settings from
within Word that we should be looking at that are impacting or overriding our
tray selection?

Any help/info/insight appreciated





Graham Mayor

Page Layout > Page Setup > Paper - check the tray allocations.

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