Transfer queues from Printer A to Printer B



Is there a way to transfer queues from one printer to another?

Some mornings when I come in to work, the batch job has runned and there are
200 jobs in the queue but the printer failed sometime after the last queue
went in.

How could I transfer these to a different printer so I would not have to
rerun the batch job?




there is no way with windows-built-ins to do that job.
I think you have two possibilities

1) download splview from my homepage and reprint the jobs
from the job queue (ctrl+j) to any other printer. It's free for printjobs
less then 300 pages. But it is in german language.

2) Copy the SPL-Files for your 200 jobs from
%systemdrive%\system32\spool\printers to another location.
Delete the print jobs or even better use another computer for doing the
next step.
Stop destination printer and print 200 dummy jobs. Now you have 200 SPL
and 200 SHD files in the location above.
Now copy the saved spl-files over the files in the printers-path. I hope
they have the same name (should be the case, if no other
jobs are present).
After that continue the destination printer. With GOOD LUCK your jobs
will now be printed to your destination printer.

I would suppose possibility number 1)


Bruce Sanderson

If the physical printers are "compatible", you can switch the queue to a
different physical printer ("print device") by changing the Port associated
with the Windows "printer" object.

The spool files (the "documents" in the printer's queue) are created by the
Printer Driver associated with the Windows "Printer". So, they will usually
only print correctly if the "new" printer is "backwards compatible" with the
"old" one. For example, a print queue for an HP LaserJet 4 should print
correctly on an HP LaserJet 4050 because the "language" understood by the
4050 is a superset of that of the LaserJet 4.

Rerouting output (by changing the printer's port) created for an HP DeskJet
to an HP LaserJet or vice versa will almost certainly result in garbled

If you have two "identical" physical printers, then there's should not be
any problem switching the queue from one to the other by changing the Port
for the printer.

Bruce Sanderson MVP Printing

It is perfectly useless to know the right answer to the wrong question.
May 3, 2012
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Cobra Print Viewer (by Cobra Apps) will let you do this.

It runs on Windows and you can copy jobs from one printer to another or individual jobs between printers.

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