Transfer Library to New Internal Hard Drive Help Requested



I've recently added a 750 GB HD (internal) to my computer. I would like to
transfer my entire music library (apx 250 GB) to this drive because of
limited space on my main/boot drive :)C). I've looked at some of the others
question/answers, and read a couple of "how to" in Windows Media Player, but
find the answers I"m looking for not addressed.

I have a couple of questions before doing the transfer.

1) Does the folder on my new drive :)J) HAVE to be called "My Music"? I
would like to call it "My Master Music" folder. Shouldn't I be able to call
it whatever I want? I will ultimately delete the "My Music" folder from drive
C giving me more space, and I can set the player (WMP11) options to rip to
this new folder on drive J.

In order to keep all the media info I typed in, I performed the "Process
Media Information Now" to keep that info. In reading the steps in "How do I
move my library to a hard Drive " they end with the statement " Your digital
music files are now moved to your hard drive. Next you must refresh the
entries in your library so that the file paths are updated to include the new
locations on the hard disk drive." 2) ok, so how do I refresh the entries?
They don't tell you! Do I do the "Process Media Info Now" step after the
transfer ?

I feel a little stupid about this since I've handled much more complicated
task. I appreciate help in setting me straight. Finally, if there is
something I am overlooking please let me know. Thanks in advance for the help
and advice!

PS No protected Files, No drm files , no user ratings, just "ripped from CD
Music" I own.


Andrew E.

Most advanced pc users keep music,pictures,video,semi-run software on
other hds,the hd with xp on it doesnt need that junk...Thier is no magical
"transfer" of files,simply collect to new folder, on it,in the new
on L.side,select "move these files",browse to hd folder.Also,for WMP
or version,go to WMP download page,scroll to bottom,download the "Personel
files update wizard",get
Once opened,direct it to youre new music folder on new hd.And yes,name it
anything that you'd like to,also,in WMP,open tools,options,set new hd as
storage in music files "Rip Music" & "Library" options....


Ok Andrew, I do appreciate the attempted help. Apparently I can call the new
folder anything I like. In my case this will be the "Master Music" Folder.
However you are confusing me with the need of the "Personal File update
wizards". Nothing I have is protected nor do I wish to protect any music
files. None of the criteria stated in the article for it applies to me. I
originally started with WMP 9 but all music files are in .wav Format not .wma
format. I also have many Lps' converted to digital format via a Roxio
program which are also in .wav format. I've followed the proper naming
sequenced ( Artist, Album, track no., song) as indicated via several article
regarding WMP. It is also the reason for the "process media Info now" step I
taken so my typed entries do not get overwritten. (Yes, I do have the proper
check mark in the options to WMP).
My second question regarding "refreshing the entries in my library so the
file paths are updated to include the new location on Hard drive" is what is
confusing me. I thought that this was automatically done during the transfer.
This is why I said I feel a little stupid. What Am I missing? No offense,
but you only partially answered my questions. Thanks anyway.

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