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I am sure that, like many of you out there, I turn on the option to have
email recipient tracking printed when I create hardcopy for my files. Proir
to Outlook 2007, it always printed right after the last line of text in my

These days, no matter how short the body of my emails, Outlook scrolls to
the bottom of the page, prints "Tracking", then goes to a whole new sheet and
prints the list of recipients.

This is a tremendous waste of paper, at least for me! Sometimes my email
will be long enough that the last few lines print on a second sheet of paper.
What comes out of the printer though is three sheets of paper, the latter two
almost entirely empty.

I hope this is addressed in a hotfix, or at least in the next release. It is

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

I wouldn't expect changes in outlook 2007 anymore - possibly in 2010. (I'll
check it and bug it, if it hasn't changed.) In the meantime, the only
workaround I know is to print 2 pages per sheet. Some of the 3rd party
print programs might put it on one page. See - most have free trials so you can
see if they address the problem.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Thank you, Diane. Your responses are always prompt. I checked out the link to and found many helpful suggestions for other issues, but
nothing that referenced my particular pet peeve. However, this gives me
another arena in which to raise my concern. One in which I might get a good

Thanks again!
CrAzY-MiKe ^¿^

Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook]

Blame the spell checker. Maybe the next update to the spelling dictionary
will include it. :)

At least it wasn't YOUR spell checker that passes that mistake. CrazyMike
must have had something else on his mind when he typed the domain name.

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