Outlook 2007 emails print tracking info on additional page



I have users that print emails with tracking info included. A recent update
seems to have changed the way Outlook 2007 prints it. For example, a short
email with the tracking info used to print on one page. Now, the 'tracking'
title prints at the bottom of the page and prints the tracking info on a
seperate page. I have checked all of the Outlook settings, print & printer
settings, and email properties. I don't see any settings that would cause
this. Anyone have any suggestions?


You are not alone in wanting some reply to this unfortunate "upgrade"!
In my experience, this was never a problem before Outlook2007; in fact, I
was in the habit of adding a couple "carriage returns" after the last line of
my emails so the tracking info would be separated into its own paragraph.
I want to add my voice to yours, that it is absurd that I must print a
minimum of two pages when most of the time one would more than suffice.


Actually Shell$ has pointed the same difficulty which I'm facing currently.
In adition to that, Outlook 2007 doesn't allow you to print selected text or
selected conversation.

For example, Suppose, I have sent an e-mail to my 10 frnds, out of which 4
have read it and 5 of them resplied to my mail. So while taking prinout of
that particular mail from my sent items, It not only prints my original mail
but alo prints the 'Tracking' (i.e. name of receipients and whether they have
Read the mail or not).. And when I want to print only a reply in response to
my mail, It doesn't allow to print selected text.. I think MS should release
a ptach to overcome this problem..what do you think frnds??

Thanks & best regards,

"Amie- The Heartthrob"


Same problem....emails print tracking info on additional page. Is there a fix
for this yet?

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