Too Many Processes


Bob Day

This is a repost, because I did not get an answer...Any help would be

Using Windows XP with all the latest updates...

I am a power user and in tech support, so I have a good understanding of
PCs. My problem is I have 72 processing running (i.e. msconfig) consuming
53% of my memory on my personal lap top. Virtually all of these are
non-microsoft, but related to
programs (some rarely used) on my computer (such as Adobe).

The description of each Process always seems to end with "this should only
be disabled if your are having problems with it". Well, I am not having
problems with any particular process, I am having problems with them
collectively consuming 53% of my memory and 20% of my CPU all the time.

So, I am finding if virtually impossible to to determine which I can remove
without crippling the program it is related to.

I have already removed the obvious ones, and I have also gone through
Services and disabled the ones not needed (which is a different issue in my
mind) . I essentially need a table (like the ones available for Services in
various URLs ) that shows which process can be removed safely.

Any advise?

Bob Day



Ted Zieglar

How do you know you have too many processes? How many processes do you think
you should have, according to your calculations?

And how do you know that these processes are consuming too much memory?
Maybe they're consuming just the right amount of memory and you need more

For questions about third party software, ask the software's technical
support. Oh can also do a web search for the name of a process.

Gerry Cornell


How much RAM memory?Try Ctrl+Alt+Delete to select Task
Manager and click the Performance Tab. What is the Total,
the Commit Charge and the Peak?

You may check on pagefile (virtual memory) usage with
Page File Monitor for XP:

Make sure you study the readme.txt file carefully to ensure
you get the utility to work as it should.

This utility demonstrates the overall amount of the pagefile
in use. It does not say which application is using it.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England

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