Too many cell formats in 03 not 07



Too many cell formats
I getting this error when a work book is opened in Excel 2003, but not in
The book was created in 2003 and is .xls
The data is constant each month and the formtting is the same as my weekly
which opens fine in 2003.
If you save it as .xlsx and open with 2003 it will give the "created in a
newer verion warning" and than "Excel is waiting for another application to
compleate an OLE action" and then it opens fine.

Any thought to the cause of all this? I may have found a work around but if
it were to fail I would be toast, unless I can get every one to switch to
ver. 2007. :)




Try this
1. Open the file in Excel 2007
2. Save as Excel 97-2003 file
It will warn you of possible loss of formatting if there are any 2007
formats in your file.
Next time it should open in 2003 without any problem.

Let me know if it works.

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