Question about excel 03 & 07



Hey all, I am working in excel 07 & 03. I have clients that haven't upgraded
and so I have both. One on my desktop and one on my laptop. So anyway I
have an extensive workbook that I have started in excel 07. It has about 10
different tabs and some formatting but no formulas. When I email it to my
laptop and attempt to open it in 03 I get the error message too many cell
formats and it goes into repair mode. When it is done all the color coding I
did in the 07 mode is gone along with some of my data. Can anybody help?
Thanks in advance :)





Shane Devenshire

Excel 2003 supported 4000 styles per workbook, 2007 allows 65,536. I would

1. Using less custom color formatting and
2. Choose Office Button, Prepare, Run Compatibility Checker before you try
to save.

I might also try to us Save As and make the file a 2003 file before you send
it, this might prevent data loss?

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