Toggle Aero?



I've baught a notebook pc. It has T8300 CPU, and Intel GMA 3100
Graphics. The battery has for cells and it says its capacity is
2400mAh. With Windows Vista x64, I did some normal tasks such as
surfing the internet a little and some file copying, application
installing. But the big problem is the battery life. After fully
charged the battery, I could only use about 1 hour and half. I've
searched the internet and found that the main culprit is the Aero
interface. So, I guess, using Vista Basic when in battery mode, and
Aero when in A.C. mode would be more reasonable. Manually changing
between them in "Personalization -> Show classic..." is quite a task.
Is there any easier way? How do you save battery?


There is clearly a need for it. Is it perhaps a task that a Sidebar Gadget
could be written for?


These solutions only turn off transparency... the Window Composition is
still active (and so the graphics card will still be working hard)

So it might not help much at all


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