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sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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I read a new patch had been published for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt so I looked for it everywhere to download and couldn't find it.

I bought my copy of the game from GoG (Good old Games) and unlike the Steam client GoG don't automatically update and patch the games they sell.

So yesterday evening I e-mailed Gog basically saying 'Patch 1.3 - where the **** is it?' and at 13:00 hours today (Saturday 3rd) received this reply:


You can update the game using the Galaxy Client:

Also you have three download options for the standalone installers/patches:
1) Downloading the installation files with Galaxy. Installation files use a different delivery method, and are usually smaller than the files downloaded during "installation". To do this, find the game in your Library in GOG Galaxy, and click MORE > Backups & goodies, then click the appropriate Game Installer file,
2) Using the GOG Downloader. You can find it here: . Once downloaded and installed, please find your game on in your library, and click MORE > GOG DOWNLOADER LINKS,
3) Downloading with your browser:
this isn't very recommended, as it offers no pausing/resuming, and no error protection.

This is the direct download link for the browser:

This is the GOG Downloader link:

Genoan Support

So, kudos to GoG methinks :thumb:


Feb 23, 2002
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I've bought a couple of games with GoG, as they weren't available anywhere else - I've been impressed with them and they seem to have grown to something sizable recently. I've not had to deal with their support yet though, so I'm pleased to hear they're responsive!

I've had mixed success with Steam support, they did help me out but were far too slow at responding.

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