This Request Is Out Of Date


Joe Grover

Reposting this from over the summer in case anyone has any new information.
I now have this problem with 2 more users, both of whom had older iPhones
that have since updated their software to 3.x. I am using Exchange 2003 SP2
and Outlook 2003 SP3.

I too am experiencing this issue, with the following circumstance:

User 1 is a delegate on Users 2, 3 and 4 calendars.

User 1 creates a meeting on User 2's calendar. If User 1 looks at User 2's
calendar after doing so the meeting appears normally. However when User 1
receives the meeting request (that says "From User 1 on behalf of User 2")
it says "This request is out-of-date" at the top. Also, when going into
User 2's calendar, User 1 is unable to add more attendees to the meeting
(Add Others is grayed out). This is only happening on User 2's calendar.
Adding meetings for Users 3 and 4 work fine. User 2 has a new iPhone 3GS.


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