Response to meeting request results in NDR about a former delegate



In researching this issue, I found an unanswered question in another forum
that describes my problem exactly (see below). Actually, this is more of an
annoyance than a problem. The meeting requests go to all the recipients and
the responses all go back to the requestor. The annoyance is that the
responder gets an NDR after responding to the request. The NDR is a No
Mailbox Exists message about a former employee that has long since been
removed from Exchange and Active Directory. The former employee was a
delegate to the requestor's mailbox/calendar.

Server - Exchange 2003
Workstations using Outllook 2003 or Outlook 2007

Outlook meeting request
I have a user(A) who is facing this problem
1. User (A) sends a meeting request to user (B)
2. User (B) gets the meeting request and
accepts it
3. User (A) gets a response as accepted
4. User (B) gets an Undeliverable email saying
The following recipients cannot be reached
and lists User (C)
5. User (C) was working with User (A) and left
the company 5 years ago
6. User (c) profile does not exists on the
7. User (A) has no delegates added on her
8. when ever User (A) sends a meeting requests
she recv the same msg and calls from the users
she send saying they recv this msg

Any idea how to get this sorted.


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