The destination server is currently rejecting replication requests



Hi, I am having Ad problem with the error " The destination server is
currently rejecting replication requests" and I cannot fix it. please help
me out.

<server info>
domain: (single domain0
DCs: 6 DCs (all are windows 2k with sp4)

1. The Main DC1 (which had all FSMO roles) had a HDD failure(RAID1) and
replaced 1 new HDD. But unfortunely i've got boot sector error, and ended up
never boot it up anymore.

2. so I shutdown and gave up. Instead, I added another server(win2k) as new
DC and seized all FSMOs on new DC. It appeared that all seize command were
successful. But two of DCs failed to replicate with new one and started to
give me an error above (even though other DCs are replicated and updated.)
OLD PDC -> does not boot, so shutdown
NEW PDC -> seize FSMO and have all FSMO.
Two DCs do not repliate with new one.

3. Interesting thing is that, I looked at "AD users and computer" on one of
failed DCs, and looked at "operation master" property, it shows that it's
pointing to new PDC. However, from NTDSUTIL command("list roles for
connected server"), it shows that it still pointing to old PDC!! How that
happens???? Other failed DC has the same results.
From GUI -> two failed DCs point to new PDC.
From NTDSUTIL -> two failed DCs point to old PDC.

What should I fix? Please help.



did you in ANY way use images (or something similar) somewhere

What that means? Restoring?
I tried to restore from Tape Media many times, but I could not.

New DC has now all FSMO roles except GC.

But it cannot replicate still.. any idea?


Jorge de Almeida Pinto [MVP]

if you for example restored a DC from an image (or broke a RAID 1
configuration, booted the DC, shutdown/crash, and then insert the other part
of the RAID1 config) you will experience USN rollbacks. If you have a
certain hotfix installed it will most likely detect that and disable
replication on the offending DC and pause the netlogon service

any event IDs with warnings/errors?

if it is rejecting replication it has a reason!



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Ace Fekay [MVP]

yoshi said:
What that means? Restoring?
I tried to restore from Tape Media many times, but I could not.

New DC has now all FSMO roles except GC.

But it cannot replicate still.. any idea?


In addition to Jorge's questions, did you also run a Metadata Cleanup to
remove the original DC's reference and existence in AD?

Metadata Cleanup:;en-us;216498


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Please run "repadmin /options" on the DC and examine the output. if the
"DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL" option is on, you need to disable it using the same

Fadi Awad [MSFT]
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