The destination server is currently rejecting replication requests



I was contracted to resolve AD problems between 2 Windows 2000 DC's.
Although the servers were in the same site, they would not replicate.
I ran DC promo and repaired AD and DNS as best I could. Repadmin /showreps
shows both DC's, however whenever replication is scheduled to occur, the
following error is logged:

Event Id 1586 Warning

The checkpoint with the PDC was unsuccessful. The checkpointing process will
be retried again in four hours. A full synchronization of the security
database to downlevel domain controllers may take place if this machine is
promoted to be the PDC before the next successful checkpoint. The error
returned was: The destination server is currently rejecting replication

I can manually replicate from DC1 to DC 2, but not the other way.
I used NtdsUtil Metadata cleanup and verified that there are no foreign
NTDS connection objects are created automatically by the KCC.

I appreciate your assistance

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