Issues with transfering FSMO roles?



I am getting ready to split the fsmo roles from one DC to
two new DCs.
The forest only contents one domain. (from Q223346 lets me
put Intrastructure on a GC)

Both of the new DCs are Global Catalog servers.
I plan on putting PDC emulator and RID on one DC
And Infrastructure,Schema Master and Naming Master on the
other one.

What problems should I expect?

thanks for any advice given


Tim Kalligonis

I don't see a problem with it at all.
Since you only have one domain the infrastructure master on a GC won't be a
problem as you stated.
It is recommended to have the PDC and RID on the same and also recommended
to have Schema on the same as Domain Naming.

The only thing I would recommend is to do a NBTSTAT -RR on the new PDC once
you change the role if you still use WINS to update the 1B record in WINS.
If this isn't updated and you dependencies looking for the Domain Master
Browser such as external trusts to NT4 domains you could run into problems.

Also a best practice when moving roles is to connect to the DC that you are
transferring the role to.


We do have two sites in the domain.
Should I do anything special for replication?

thanks for advice


One for LAN DCs and One that is for a remote office

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