Text File Import Specs Do Not Save


Le Chaud Lapin

This post is a repeat of a post made in vain by Tyler Brown last year.

Would someone be so kind to give an answer this time?

-Chaud Lapin-

[Tyler's Post]:

I have been trying to modify a text file import
specification I had previously created. Every time I
modify the spec and try to save it, my changes are
discarded. The same thing happens when I try to save the
modified version under a different name. Does anyone know
why this would be happening, and more importantly how to
fix it.

I know that if I create the import specification from
scratch it works fine, but this import spec has 140
different fields for the table. I had originally only
needed the first 25 or so for some stats, but then we
needed the rest, and that's when I ran into this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I've had the same problem when trying to add fields to an
existing spec. The only solution I found was to create the
total number of fields I will need in a new spec, then
copy and paste over the old one, and then fill in the
remaning fields that I was trying to create new.

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