2007 Access Import Spec Saved



Is there a way to modify a Saved Import Specification? I already have built
and saved an import Spec and would like to add more tables to it without
having to rebuild the entire Spec. I'm looking for a way to edit the Spec to
pick up more tables from the Access file that I am already downloading tables
from. Where are the Specs? Are they editable either directly or with an

Jeanette Cunningham

using the import wizard, once you start the process of importing using the
wizard, you will find a button called Advanced, click this button to see a
list of the saved import specs and choose a spec to edit. Edit its details
or quickly create a new import spec.

Jeanette Cunningham


Thank you for your reply. I have the feeling that I asked the wrong
question. I have looked in the MSysIMEXColumns and MSysIMEXSpecs but nothing
exists there. I am trying to find information about the 'Saved Imports'
button information in Access 2007. I fully expected the information to be in
the above tables and am surprised that it is not there. They (Microsoft)
must have put the information for the 'Saved Imports' and 'Saved Exports'
some place else. Any other suggestions? Thanks again.


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