Text Boxes on Slide Master (PPT 2007)



Is it possible to change the "prompts" in the placeholders on the Master
Slide and still have them be "enterable" throughout the presentation?

For example: Could I change the text in the Footer placeholder to read
"Click here to enter Footer or Bibliography." I would like this placeholder
to apper on each slide, in the same place...in case the user needs to enter a
footer or bibliography for a specific slide.

I have been frustrated that I cannot add additional placeholders to the
Master Slide (Instert Placeholder is grayed out) other than the ones that
come on it (date, slide number, footer, title and text) and my attempts at
editing the existing ones have made them into background objects on the
subsequent layouts instead of placeholder boxes.

Ideally, I would like to edit the Date placeholder on the left to include
the date, file name and slide number, then set them to the same color as the
background so they would only appear when printed out. That doesn't seem to
be working either.

Thoughts? Am I crazy to want it to do everything?


Echo S

Sure, you can add custom prompt text in PPT 2007. Just click and type in the
placeholder to add your prompt text.

You can't change the prompt text on the slide master, though; you have to
change it on each slide layout.

Footers don't work exactly like other placeholders. For footer text
specifically, you'd need to select the footer on the master and go to Insert
| Header and Footer. Change the text there and Apply to All. It will change
the text in all footers.

I don't think it will be easy for you to add file names, etc., to the date
placeholder. Unfortunately, these just aren't very sophisticated. It really
irritates me, to be honest.

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