Temp folder created in Documents & Settings - PLEASE HELP!!!!!



Windows XP Desktop Computer - Home Edition SP2

I once logged out of my account. 30 minutes later when I tried to click

on to my account something came up that said it didnt have enough
memory to start it or something like that, so I just clicked the Power
button on the computer and then started it again.
Next, I logged into my account and my desktop and the 'All Programs' in

the start up menu is as if it's a brand new account.
I went to Documents and Settings and my exact account folder was still
there, all my documents, everything, even I went to the Desktop folder
it was like how I used to have it, and it's now the same as the current

desktop that I now have.
So I tried a systm restore to a point a day ago. It didn't change,
saying that the system restore did not complete.
So, I went into the Documents & Settings folder and I noticed my
account was now using a folder that was created in the Documents and
Settings folder called "TEMP". I tried to delete the folder but the
files ntuser.dat wont delete.My issue is like the one below, but nobody

resolved/replied to his post.
PLEASE help me restore my account to using it's proper folder!

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