TEMP FIX - Camera Wizard Problem!


Ed Dog

Ok Everyone with Camera Wizard Problems...

1 - Plug Camera into USB, turn Camera on as normal.

2 - Open Folder that pops up untill you reach JPG Files

3 - Once in that folder Select VIEW from the top MENU
then, Choose THUMBNAILS. This will show thumbnails of
the pictures you have captured from your camera. Choose
them all or only the ones you like etc etc.

4 - Copy picture you want to folder on your hard drive

5 - In the new folder on your hard drive Select all the
picture's, Right click on one of them, then select rename.

6 - Rename this file like this EXAMPLE:
originalfilename.jpg to newfilename (1).jpg this will
number your pictures like the wizard did execpt you will
have () the brackets. So if you have 50 pictures they
will be numbered newfilename (1-50).jpg etc etc.

6a - orignalfilename.jpg & newfilename.jpg are WILD CARDS!

7 - Also you do not require .JPG, just the first part
newfilename (1) The Space between newfilename and (1)
must be there to number properly..

8 - Good Luck hope this helps, until real fix is available


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