Taskbar: the little arrow that hides all the running programs



The little arrow on the taskbar that hides all the running programs on the
right hand side of the screen (clock, volume, etc.) has dissapeared. Where
did it go and how do I get it back? Thank you.


Right click on the taskbar>properties>taskbar and check the box that says
"Hide inactive icons". You then will have options to select which icons you
wish to display or hide.
Hope this helps.


That happened to me.
You need to change the "show/hide status of one of the icons that is
showing in the notification area. For ex: if your volume- control icon is
showing, change its behaviour to " always hide". When the volume control
icon "hides" , the arrow should come back. Once the arrow returns, you can
change the icons status back to your preferred settings. I cannot remember
if I had to restart my computer for the changes to take effect.

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