Task Manager alt+crt+del



When i type ALT+CRT+DEL i want the task manager to popup, but insted now i
have the Win Security window, with the lock computer options.
I found the oppisit of what i wanted to know on the faq, but the anwser for
it is no help at all.
Can anybody help me with turning it off again?

Security and Administration

Q. What happened to Lock Computer? In Windows 2000 and Windows NT version
4.0, you could type CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up a window that contained the Lock
Computer option. In Windows XP, this key combination brings up the Task

A. Press the Windows Logo key + L to lock your computer. You can also turn
off the Welcome screen to go back to logging on and off by pressing
CTRL+ALT+DELETE, which opens the Windows Security dialog box that contains
the Lock Computer option. (If you're on a domain, you don't have the option
of turning off the Welcome screen.))


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