Sytem cant find OS. XP but will load with boot disk. Help



I've got an IBM A51p 8422-25m That has a number of SATA rives installed 1G
memory 3Ghs processor 128M Graphics.
cve insytalled XP with in all sorts of dreive combinatiions, loadded
hardware drivers, service packs, run recovery, tried a boot.ini fix, MBR
fix, corrupt partition boot sector fix, in place upgrade, everything.
If you give the suystem a boot CD of FLoppy it then finds XP and loads off
thee hard drive.
Anyone got any other suggestions,
I'm about to throw this PC out the window.


John John - MVP

Find the drive that has the files boot.ini, ntldr and NTDETECT in its
root folder. Make sure that this drive is the System drive (use the
Disk Management tool to confirm/set this) and make sure that this same
drive is the first one set to boot in the BIOS boot order.